The village of Al-Kalada

The village of Al-Kalada, the biggest of Bani Saad villages, is situated in the south of At-Ta'if city. It is said that its name is derived from the name of the tribe of Kaldah who inhabited this village, others argue that its name is derived from the tiger animals that lived in the area.

The village sits on top of a mountain in As-Siayeel valley. The buildings of the village feature a unique stone architecture. It features two defensive fortresses, ancient houses, a mosque, and a meeting room.

There were two main entrances in this ancient village, one was called the upper passage, and the other was called  the lower passage. Both of these two passages lead to the houses of the village. The history of the village dates back to the era of the beginning of Islam as some antiquities show. Today, the village features some apiaries that deliver delicious honey.

A visitor can get to the village via Bani Saad, south of At-Ta'if, then heading to the area of the villages, as shown in maps.

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