Al-Abla'a A Glorious Past


The historic Al-Abla'a quarter is located in the Raniyah valley of the governorate of Bishah in the region of Asir. Al-Abla'a is a white mountain whose name included all what is adjacent to it. The area is full of archaeological sites, many of which are still being researched and explored by archaeologists, including, for example, a market dating back to the pre-Islamic era, a gold mine, and ancient deep water wells carved in the mountain perhaps for mining activities at that time. The area also features the plateau of Ibn al-Na'a, al-Badriya plateau, and Al-Shuno'a plateau.

The foundation of an ancient mosque, dating back to the early Islamic period, have been discovered in Al-Abla'a, with an area of ​​more than six hundred square meters. In the mosque, there is a hollow-to-outwards semicircular niche with an open space in the middle and two side rooms on the southeastern side. In previous explorations, a huge pottery jar was also discovered, in addition to a number of stone mills and pestles that were used to grind mineral ores and prepare them for smelting.

Many buildings and rooms were also discovered that, as a whole, indicate that the region, in addition to its mining activities, was one of the important economic and civilizational centers in those times, with its commercial and agricultural potential.

Al-Abla'a is located some 80 kilometers away from the city of Al-Baha. It can be accessed from the city of Al-Baha in about an hour and twenty minutes journey by car due to the winding roads between the terrain. The distance between Al-Abla'a and Bisha is about 100 kilometers.

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