Ad-Dayer Bani Malik .. Forts Hug the Clouds

The governorate of Ad-Dayer is located in the mountainous area of Bani Malik in the northeast part of the Jazan region, with the city of Ad-Dayer as its capital. The city is about 120 kilometers away from the city of Jizan. This area was mentioned by Yaqout Al-Hamawi in his book "the dictionary of countries", and by Al-Hamdani in his book "the description of the Arabian Peninsula". The mountains of Bani Malik are very high, and it is interspersed with beautiful plains and valleys. The governorate of Ad-Dayer is the Eastern gate of Jazan in the directionof the region of Asir. It should be mentioned that rain falls in summer, and the weather tends to be hot in its low areas and valleys. The weather in the highlands becomes moderate in summer and cold in winter. Its mountains are crowned with unique and lush trees, and it boasts environmental and fungal diversity. The waterfalls flow in the mountains like pearl beads. These mountains are also famous for its natural greenery and lush green agricultural terraces.

The governorate of Ad-Dayer and its mountains are full of archaeological and historical monuments, such as inscriptions and drawings dating back to the Neolithic period, or the new stone age. The area features also castles and forts, some of which reach ten floors, and it boasts water reservoirs that were dug with rocks to preserve water. The governorate of Ad-Dayer also includes some ancient villages, such as the village of Thamer, Khodour, and Haninah, which are characterized by an architectural character amid the majestic mountains and the picturesque nature which attracts many Arab and foreign tourists. The castles and forts in the governorate of Ad-Dayer are an important historical legacy, due to the splendor of their construction, architecture and innovative design. Among the most famous of these forts are the Zera' Al-Khatm, Qayyar, Al-Khudaiyi, Ash-Shaqiq and others.

The governorate of Ad-Dayer The governorate is famous for its rivers-like valleys, as water remains flowing in it most of the year, such as Wadi Muhad, which is famous for its flowing waterfalls, its amazing rocky meanders, and the large Wadi Damad, which is famous for its abundance of water. The governorate of Ad-Dayer also features its hot springs that thousands of tourists visit throughout the year for healing by its hot water. The governorate of Ad-Dayer is rich in lush green forests, charming sightseeing and viewpoints including forests of Jabal Arif, Hashar, Talan and others.

The governorate of Ad-Dayer includes several neighborhoods the most important of which are: Al Yahya, Al Zaidan, Athwan and others. One of the governorate’s most important markets is the weekly Ad-Dayer market, as well as modern markets, resorts and other shelters.

The governorate of Ad-Dayer, like the rest of other Jazan governorates, is rich in the folklore; various singing, chants and dances, which are often associated with occasions and events. among its folk art are At-Tadrimah, Ad-Daqah, At-Tarh, At-Tarhibah and other folks which covers an aspect of social life.

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