Madain Shuʿayb A Wonder of the World

Madain Shu'ayb, or Maghair Shu'ayb, which translates to cities of Shu'ayb, is located in the governorate of Al-Bida', one of the governorates of the Tabuk province. Madain Shu'ayb, which is an icon of rock-cut architecture, is situated between the governorates of Haql and Maqna, towards the northwest side of the city of Tabuk. Once inhabited by the Nabataeans, this place was a fertile oasis full of water springs and orchards.

This area, dates back to 100 years BC, is also known as Madian, and contains houses carved into the mountains, similar to Madain Saleh. The Arab historian Hamad Al-Jassir says that Al-Bida' or Maghair Shu'ayb is an ancient oasis in which Allah sent his prophet Shu'ayb to Madian people. He adds that the most famous monuments landmarks are the Lihyanite and the Nabatean texts and inscriptions carved on the rocks. And there is also a site for an ancient city from the early Islamic times known as al-Malqta

Madain Shu'ayb was visited by many explorers and orientalists, including Georg August Wallin, Edward Roble who wrote on Madain in 1829, the British Richard Francis Burton, the Lady Anne Blunt, and others.

The area boasts some other famous monuments, including the rock-carved As-Saee'dni water well and many pools and water streams. It is believed that this water well is the same one from which the prophet Moses, peace be upon him, drank from it, so someone called it the water well of Moses.

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