The Ancient Traditional Villages A Never-Ending Story

Saudi Arabia enjoys a long history which is rich in heritage. Nostalgia takes Saudi people to visit their parents' and grandparents' ancient homes, which have been built of mud-and-brick, to see the unforgettable narrow mud alleys and the antique doors that decorate these traditional homes.

Compared to today's modern homes, the Najd region's mud houses testify to Saudi people's rapid growth and prosperity under their great leadership. The Saudi government and the owners of these traditional homes in Al-Washm and Najd regions restore these homes; some of them were transformed into museums that testify to the Saudi social life more than a hundred years ago.

The traditional villages in Saudi Arabia reveal a fascinating mix of authenticity, culture, and tradition. They represent a stunning tourist destination, especially in the mild weather and with the advent of the winter season. You will find comfort, reassurance, and pleasure in the traditional village in the governorate of Shaqra'.

  • Look for the traditional villages in Ushaiker, Al-Qasab, Huraimla' and Al-Majma'ah.

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