The Ardyat Governorate

Located in the region of Mecca, the Ardyat governorate boasts an environment that appeals to nature lovers and wild trekking. This area, situated between Al-Baha and Aseer in the southernmost Tihami section, with a population of approximately eighty thousand people, features unique cultural heritage and it is rich in tourist attractions. The Ardyat governorate, which enjoys a mild weather in winter season, is famous for producing high quality honey, as well as various agricultural crops. The region boasts some popular markets like the Saturday market in Shamran, the Sunday market in Al-Hudhaifa, the Monday market in Al-Mudrrat, the Tuesday market in Emara and Namira, the Wednesday market in Al-Faijah, the Thursday market in al-Ma'qas and Al-Jouf, and the Friday market in Thurban. In the spring season, mountains and valleys feature waterfalls and are usually covered with lush green trees. The region also boasts archaeological rock inscriptions on its stunning mountains.

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