5 Activities in the Rijal Alma' Traditional Village

The journey to the governorate  of Rijal Alma' starts from the city of Abha through two main roads, one of them connects the city of Abha to the governorate of Rijal Alma' on the western side through the “Aqabat As-Sama'a”, which is about 40 kilometers away. The other road is on the southern side through the mountains and features some tunnels; one of which exceeds 1,000 meters long, making it one of the longest tunnels in Saudi Arabia.

The governorate of Rijal Alma' is covered by vegetation and features water brooks pouring from the foothills of the mountains to the valleys. The villages of the governorate of Rijal Alma' are perched on the steep mountains with a height exceeds 1,800 meters above sea level. The traditional village of Rijal Alma' is situated between the slopes of the mountains

Visiting the traditional village of Rijal Alma'

The traditional village of Rijal Alma' is located in the governorate of Rijal Alma', in the region of Asir southwest of  Saudi Arabia. It is about 52 kilometers away in the west side of the city of Abha. This village was built more than 400 years ago.

The village, which boasts multi-story houses built with stones, is situated on the plains of the steep mountains of Aseer, between its Tihami plains. The windows of the houses of the village are painted in the warm and varied colors known in the Aseer region, and they feature lighting systems that reflect the aesthetics of the place and its ancient components.



The museum of the traditional village of Rijal Alma'

This museum, which was built some 30 years ago, is the most famous archeology museum in the region. It is a tourist site that contains 20 pavilions, which include various heritage pieces. The museum also includes more than 2,800 antique items and 500 kilograms of vintage silver jewelry.

Opening hours: From 07:00 am- 20:00 pm.




The Qasabat Al-Owus Tower

This beautiful ancient tower is located in the governorate of Rijal Alma' and it is 5 Kilometers away from the Haswa town that belongs to the governorate of Rijal Alma'.

The Qasabat Al-Owus tower is one of the ancient tourist attractions with an area of nearly twenty-six square meters. Tourists who visit the site usually climb to the top of the tower and watch the wonderful views from a high altitude.

Opening hours: From 07:00 am- 20:00 pm.




Jabal Shoukan

This mountain, which is 1900 meters above sea level, is situated at the beginning of the valley of Haswa, popularly known as Wadi Haswa, and stretches to the Aqabat Dhula' site.

The mountain, which was named after the prickly pear trees, boasts varied fruit trees, prickly pear trees, and others, as well as agricultural terraces. You can enjoy eating these fruits for free but beware of its spines.




Jabal Ash-Shorfa

The historical Ash-Shorfa mountain, situated in the eastern part of the governorate of Rijal Alma', is one of the famous tourist sites in the region. The mountain features moderate weather in summer and winter. Tourists can reach the mountain through cable cars of As-Soudah to the Awus valley, then through the 4-wheel drive cars. The visitors will enjoy the view of the green agricultural terraces which constitute a spectacular art painting.

*The mountain is 1900 meters above sea level.




The corn and millet

Many farms are available everywhere in the villages of the governorate of Rijal Alma'. The most famous productions of these farms are corn and millet.



The country honey hut

In this place, one can taste the delicious honey of Rijal Alma' area. The place is built from tree trunks and solid stones found in the mountains of Rijal Alma'. The country honey hut combines the culture of the Rijal Alma' area with the rural and tourism culture. The place occupies an area of 10 square meters and boasts various seating areas. The hut is surrounded by bee houses from which the honey is collected every day.

Opening hours: 24 hours.



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