Ad-Dawadmi Road of discoverers

Ad-Dawadmi is a governorate in the Riyadh region, some 270 kilometers away from the capital city. Long ago, Ad-Dawadmi was a transit and stopover place for pilgrims. It is one of the sites that experienced a comprehensive survey of archaeological discoveries in the 1970s. Today, it is a beautiful place that features a natural landscape and mild weather.


Ad-Dawadmi has many housing options, including


Almuhaidb Residence Ad-Dawadmi

This place is Full-service hotel apartments that feature a business center.

Rate per night: Between SR 200.00- SR 350.00, including breakfast.

Contact: 0116440671


The Mud Dar

Located in the town of As-Shuara' in the governorate of Ad-Dawadmi, some 35 km away from the city, it is a traditional house built of mud. The house, which has been restored and rehabilitated, is an old traditional style residence built on an area of ​​about 300 meters. It boasts beautiful bedrooms, seating areas, a kitchen, toilets, an open patio, and a roof overlooking the heritage district.

Rate per night: SR 400.00

It can be rented part of the day and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals upon request.

Contact: 0555114910




Ad-Dawadmi has various restaurants, especially the famous fast-food restaurants. It also boasts its own restaurants, which have increased lately.



The BC Café

This café serving various tastes of coffee, bakery, pastries, and sweets. The café, located on the King Abdulaziz road, boasts indoor and outdoor seating areas.



Nola Pizzeria

A restaurant with an Italian flavor, from its dishes and meals to the venue décor. Located on the King Abdulaziz road, this restaurant serving all tastes of pizza, pasta, and Italian pastries.



The restaurant, located on the King Abdulaziz road, serving fried chicken and fast meals. You will enjoy the family atmosphere in the Roaster restaurant, which services various dishes that suit all tastes.




The Two Eggs Mountain

It is a beautiful rock formation in the form of two eggs. This rock formation is located west of the city of Ad-Dawadmi on the old Hijaz road. The Two Eggs Mountain consists of hard rocks created by various natural factors over time. The Mountain features a smooth slope ideal for skiing and playing. The Mountain also contains some Thamudic inscriptions, so part of it is an archaeological site.





It is a desert area located in the southeast of Ad-Dawadmi and boasts rich terrain; mountains, valleys, lowlands, and highlands. It also boasts some traditional monuments and archaeological inscriptions.

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