New Openings Despite Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has not been an obstacle to new projects in Saudi Arabia. As soon as the curfew was lifted, people took precautions measures and returned to their usual life; work, meeting friends while adhering to precautious measures, cinema, restaurant, cafés. 

DirectionsKSA magazine cannot list every new project opened after the Coronavirus. The number of projects is too big to count, and the new projects are in rapid growth.


New openings in Riyadh

Ar-Raed Grove

This place is a commercial complex located in the King Abdullah road towards the west, and close to the King Khalid road. This quiet place, especially in winter, features many cafés and outdoor seating areas. It boasts more than seven cafés. This project was opened during the pandemic and after the curfew was lifted.


The Marble restaurant

This restaurant is owned by a Saudi man who decided to make a different taste of beef. He serves smoked ribs, steaks, and burgers. The restaurant is situated in the Turki Square, at the intersections of the Prince Turki Al-Awal Road and the Mecca highroad. Now, the restaurant, which opened a few weeks ago, serves dinner only. An early reservation is required.

New openings in Dhahran

Muvi cinema

It is reported that this cinema is the best and largest cinema in Dhahran. Despite the pandemic, this cinema was opened recently in the Dhahran mall. The cinema operates according to Covid-19 precautious measures.



New openings in Al-Khobar

The Ajdan Walk 

A beautiful plaza features a stunning architectural style and enjoys a unique location that overlooks four streets in Al-Khobar corniche. The plaza features a beautiful place for restaurants and cafés. It also boasts a walkway, children's play area, gardens, and water fountains. The plaza was opened during the pandemic amid precautions measures.

Filwa Gourmet

It is a luxury lounge that features pendant chandeliers and green marble covering the walls. It combines a restaurant, a café, and a steakhouse. This place, located on the King Faisal road, is one of the most beautiful places in Al-Khobar.

Opening hours: From 09:00 am-13:00 pm.

                           From 16:00 pm- 23:00 pm

New openings in Jeddah

The Asphalt Café

A beautiful café and a smart idea, this place was opened recently in the city of Jeddah. Located at the end of Hira street at the intersection of Siteen street, this café serves delicious coffee, as well as breakfast dishes and pastries.

Opening hours: From 07:00 am-14:00 pm

The Thuluth Café

A café that enjoys a cultural character, its walls are decorated with the thuluth script. The place is a beautiful 2-story building features indoor and outdoor seating areas. It was opened recently in the Prince Sultan service road.

Opening hours: From 04:00 pm-12:00 pm

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