Volcanic Craters .. Unique Tourist Experience

Dormant volcanoes fields are scattered in the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The last volcanic activity was seen in the region of Hejaz in the year 654 AH, in the Medina region, and in Mount Al-Malasa’. The number of volcanoes in Harrat Rahat alone, an area situated between Mecca and Medina, reaches 700 volcanoes, and in Harrat Khyber the number reaches 400 volcanoes, bringing the total number of dormant volcanoes in the Kingdom to two thousand volcanoes. Here is some of the most famous of them:


The Hottaiymah Crater

A destination of Ha’il’s residents

The crater of the Harrat Hottaiymah volcano is situated in the east part of the Taba village in the region of Ha’il, just 7 km away from the most well-known Salma mountains. The crater of the Harrat Hottaiymah volcano is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the region of Ha’il, and it is a natural retreat for the residents of Taba and the surrounding villages. It is about 1,200 meters in diameter and 150 meters in depth. Its floor consists of a salt layer resulting from the gathering of torrents at the time of rain, which makes it more beautiful and beautiful, and makes it a destination for photographers.

Al-Wa'ba Crater

A stunning view

This spectacular crater, located some 250 kilometers away from the city of At-Ta'if, is 1,500 meters in diameter and 200 meters in depth. It is surrounded by mountains full of monuments, wild parks, vegetation, arak trees, date palm trees, water springs, and beautiful valleys. It is famous for its salty layer that turns the color of the middle of the bottom of the crater to white color. An entertainment project will be held in the area within the Saudi Vision 2030.


Al-Qadr Mountain Crater

The Saudi Mount Fuji

Located in the center of the Harrat Khaybar, or the Harrah Bani Rashid, in the region of Ha’il, the height of Al-Qadr mountain volcanic crater reaches two thousand meters. Its crater is deep with large cavities. The lava extends to more than 50 km in a wonderful geological view. It is similar to Mount Fuji in Japan. The area around it is very rugged, which makes reaching and climbing the mountain a kind of adventure that attracts many visitors.


Al-Bayda’ Mountain Crater

A unique marvel

The Al-Bayda’ mountain is located nest to the white mountain which enjoys the highest peak in the region of Najd. It is also situated south of the Al-Qadr mountain in the Harrat Khaybar or Harrat Bani Rasheed in the region of Ha’il. This crater is 1350 meters in diameter, and height of up to two thousand meters above sea level. It is one of the most beautiful volcanic craters in the world, as the Al-Bayda’ mountain is made of sedimentary rocks slanting to whiteness unlike other neighboring volcanic mountains, which creates a disparity in terrain, colors, and shades, and gives it a charming painting, and stunning views like no other. ten most beautiful sites ever seen from space.

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