The Island of Jabal Al-Laith

The Al-Laith island is located off the Red Sea coast in the Al-Laith governorate, which is part of the Mecca region and one of the famous coastal governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Al-Laith governorate is one of the oldest ports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it forms a link between the southern regions of the Kingdom and the Mecca region.

The Al-Laith island features crystal clear water, a lot of rare fish and coral reefs, and it is a destination for scuba diving. The main island of Jabal Al-Laith includes twelve small islands, and it is about 11.50 nautical miles from the Al-Laith governorate. The Al-Laith island enjoys an area of ​​about 5 longitudinal kilometers.

The island features attractive natural components. It is surrounded by several scattered small islands, which constitute an important tourist attraction due to its natural assets, most notably the white sand that covers its shores, in addition to the wild life.


How to get there?

You can get there by speedboat, the journey time from the governorate to the island is one-hour time by speedboat.




Where to stay?

Al-Laith Makarem Hotel Suites

Located in the Al-Laith governorate, the Makarem Hotel Suits boasts a wonderful view of the Red Sea. It features spacious suites, well-equipped rooms, and entertainment facilities.

For reservation: 0177422000






The port of As-Sereen

Overlooking the Red Sea coast, the port of As-Sereen is located some 50 km south of the governorate of Al-Laith. In ancient times, this port was a small coastal town, but it had been developed in the late fifth century AH, and became one of the most famous ports on the Red Sea coast, second to the port of Jeddah. However, the port had been deteriorated due to wars and repeated attacks on this area at that time. At the eighth century AH, the port had been abandoned and stopped functioning. The port of As-Sereen features many historical monuments, such as texts, the remains of glassware, pottery industries, dating back to the third century AH. Some architectural sites and ceramic artifacts were discovered at the site.


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