The Burger Galore From the City of Riyadh to the Rest of the Globe

A contemporary trend has taken the city of Riyadh by storm over the past few years. With the growing competition between the Burger restaurants that has eclipsed the dining industry, it is no surprise that one finds a certain succulence and taste reminiscent of the best that New York has to offer. The Burger enthusiasts can enjoy a selection of the below restaurants from Riyadh’s top-rated category:




In Wadi Hanifa

The contrast of the wonderful landscape and rich historical marks the valley of Hanifa, popularly known as Wadi Hanifa, with the contemporary American cuisine truly distinguishes Hamburgini.


Near the lake in the region of Shoaib Ubair. It is one of the most beautiful places in western Riyadh’s Wadi Hanifa.

Burger to try

Hamburgini’s double beef burger

Two pieces of carefully selected veal, seasoned with a great-tasting fusion. ‘Light’ and ‘delicious’ are two words that fittingly summarise what to expect. Every bite of lean meat makes you want to refresh your taste buds over and over.

More on Hamburgini

A chain of branches reaching both inside and outside the city of Riyadh with a menu that is the favourite for many locals, including beef and chicken burgers with various additions of vegetables, cheese, and more. They also serve Bunless Hamburgini sandwiches, where a piece of beef or chicken is placed with other ingredients in a fresh lettuce wrap to reduce calories. The Hamburgini restaurant is known for its natural fries which are served in various forms, including sweet fries, fresh fries, Hamburgini fries and cheddar cheese fries, in addition to various types of sauces, including Hamburgini sauce and Dynamite sauce.




In the Palm Oasis

With a sea of the Kingdom’s symbolic palm trees surrounding you from left to right as you delight in the taste a Wagyu burger, it is no wonder that Riyadh’s youth are particularly attracted to this diner.


The Palm Oasis in the King Abdulaziz Historical Center, in a meadowland in which a hundred palm trees were planted and surrounded by a concrete amphitheater suitable for sitting, relaxing and contemplating the area’s natural beauty.

Burger to try

Classic Wagyu beef meal

A deluxe experience in the world of burgers, beef with a deliciously unique sauce and rich spices.

More on Wagyu

The Wagyu restaurant has two branches, the first is located in the Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Jalawi street, also known as Al-Dabab street, in the Sulaymaniyah district, and the second one is located at the famous Riyadh Front plaza.

Burgers are available with a variety of different types of buns, beef and chicken, while the restaurant also offers a diverse offering of toppings and side orders including salads, fries and drinks – with the Mixed Berry Mojito recipe and Passion Fruit Mojito recipe marking two of those that are most sought after.



Slider House

Amidst a garden and a library

At the contrast between the depth of knowledge contained in the King Fahd National library and the peaceful tranquillity of the garden overlooking the Olaya street lies the Slider House restaurant. The restaurant is close to the bustling heart of the city of Riyadh, yet distanced and well-prepared with the necessary Covid-19 precautions.


The Slider House restaurant is located at the back garden of the King Fahd National Library, where the library, in its wonderful and signature form, overlooks the King Fahd road, while the garden overlooks the Olaya street. The library is open to the public for any book-worms wishing to indulge in research or to train their intellect.

Burger to try

Crispy chicken in red bread

Arguably unparalleled in the city of Riyadh, crispy chicken as it ought to be- with natural condiments in red bread and fine sauces. The chicken is a must-try at the Slider House restaurant, even for those who’ve already set their sights on the classic beef burger.

More on Slider House

Slider House is a moderately priced restaurant specializing in chicken and beef burgers, located in the Al-Saeafa neighbourhood on the Imam Saud bin Faisal road.

The restaurant offers a range of options of sandwiches and dishes, including Angus beef, local grilled chicken and crispy chicken, with additions of mushrooms, onions, cheese and various sauces.



Geek Burger

In the most beautiful of squares

The esteemed flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, lush greenery and delicious taste combine in the prestigious King Salman square. You can indulge in a Geek burger meal while enjoying the surrounding beauty.


The King Salman square, in the Ad-Dir'iyah governorate, is a beautiful public park. It features the Kingdom’s tallest flagpole and is surrounded by attractive green spaces. The square is not far from the historic At-Turaif neighbourhood, which is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Burger to try

Classic beef burger meal

A burger that satiates your hunger, and tastes great, what’s more to ask? Delicious beef, on which the Geek Burger chefs add sauces and special spices, to culminate in a wonderful taste.

More on Geek Burger

A chain of three branches in the city of Riyadh, the Geek Burger restaurant offers a unique experience in the world of burgers. The branches are located in the Al-Maseef, the Al-Malqa, and the Ar-Rawda neighbourhoods. The menu includes a range of burger options from beef and chicken wraps with various options for fries, including regular and cheese fries, in addition to salads, caramelized sauce and mushrooms.

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