Tabuk ..Hisma Desert .. A unique archeological plateau

The Hisma desert in Tabuk, offers a wide variety of scenery and enjoys a rich traditional heritage. Its mountains extend to the Wadi Rum in Jordan. Its most famous mountains are Bajdah, Al-Zeitah, Alqan and Al-Lowz. The eye-catching Hisma desert, which was once inhabited by the Nabataeans, constituted a route for caravans of pilgrims and merchants. Exotic, natural rock formations in this charming desert will leave you mesmerized. The landscape of this marvelous desert is rich with giant trees. A visitor to this region will enjoy watching the vessel shaped Shaddad mountain which is located nearly 70 km from Tabuk, with its Thamudic, Nabataean, Sheba and Arabic inscriptions.

Heritage sites to visit

-The Bajdah desert: This tourist destination is characterized by its beautiful hills, caves, rocky arches and golden sand

-The Maqna village: This coastal city is famous for its water springs named Moses and Tayyib Ism mountain and Shuaib Madain.

-Al-Deesah village: It encompasses Al Ain Al Jariyah, or the running water spring, the Dama valley and the iconic mountain formations.

DirectionsKSA recommends

You can contact the accredited tour organizers:


Mobile: 0568181124

[email protected]

Price: According to the agreed plan.

Meet and greet at the airport, hotel accommodation, tour documentation and photography are available.


A traditional dish in Tabuk

No matter how delicious modern cuisine is, it will not be able to eliminate traditional dishes or diminish its luster. Tabuk region and the surrounding area are famous for some traditional dishes, including Al-Mafrouka, Al-Juraish and Al-Majallah, Al- Khumiaa, Al-Mansaf, and Al-Marqouk, but Al-Fattah dish may have topped that list of popular dishes in Tabuk.

Al-Fattah dish is a cooked combination of brown bread, ghee and yogurt. A visitor to the Tabuk region can enjoy the taste and flavor of Al-Fattah in the Traditional Heritage Village Restaurant. This restaurant, designed on the style of old mud houses, offers guests delicious traditional dishes.

Note: Al-Fattah dish is available by order only from the Traditional Heritage Village Restaurant.

Mobile: +00966561206666

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