The city of Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its largest city. It is the third biggest populated Arab capital. The city of Riyadh is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula in Al-Yamama region. Also, it is the headquarters of the Riyadh Principality and the Saudi government.


-Population: 6,900,000.00

-Climate information: Average temperature in summer is nearly 50 degrees, and as low as 0 degrees in winter


- Al-Masmak Palace Museum

- The King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center, the National Museum

-The As-Salam Park.

- The King Abdullah Entertainment Park.

-The King Abdullah Financial District Complex

- The Historical Ad-Diriyah District

-The Hanifah Valley, Wadi Hanifah

-The Kingdom Tower Center

-The Al-Faisaliyah Tower Center

Best time to visit
  • from October to may


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Four Seasons Hotel
A five-star luxury hotel located in the Kingdom Tower, which gives its visitors all luxury services, in addition to a high-end shopping experience in its commercial center.
Rafal Kempinski Tower
A modern five-star hotel, whose visitors have a charming view of the city of Riyadh, amid attractions and events.
The Ritz Carlton Hotel
A five-star luxury hotel located near the Ddiplomatic Quarter, with unique interiors, and a number of fine restaurants.


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Mamo French-Italian mix
Visitors to the Mamo Michelangelo restaurant will find themselves immersed in a classical Italian countryside atmosphere from within the confines of its branch Al-Faisaliah Tower in the capital city of Riyadh...
Sultan's Steakhouse
A Turkish Steakhouse and other Turkish dishes...
Karam Beirut
Lebanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern dishes. Vegetarian Friendly...

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