Umm Qulaida A Destination to Explore
A scenic place located in the proximity of Tumair, Al Majma'ah governorate- some 150 km north of the city of Riyadh- Umm Qulaida features a charming natural water pool...
Fascinating Restaurants and Cafés in the Digital City
The Al-Raidah Digital City
The Digital City project in Riyadh, owned by the Public Pension Agency and situated on the Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al-Awal road, An-Nakheel neighborhood
Saudi Arabia’s Picturesque Lakes Stunning Picnic Destinations
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasts a myriad of natural and artificial panoramic lakes...
The Burger Galore From the City of Riyadh to the Rest of the Globe
A contemporary trend has taken the city of Riyadh by storm over the past few years. With the growing competition between the Burger restaurants that has eclipsed the dining industry...
Archaeologies of Ancient Civilizations The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ancient Treasures
Many archaeological sites, dating back to ancient times, are scattered everywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...
It’s 9 O'clock at Night Where to Go in the City of Riyadh?
It is easy to lose track of time in the city of Riyadh, for social life doesn’t stop even in light of the Covid-19 social distancing measures that are in force.
Time flies by, but doesn’t come to a halt with a wide range of destinations in Riyadh open past midnight.
Are You Highly Cultured or Art Oriented?
Fine, Explore Any of These Places ...
The Saudi Horse Race Cup Saudi Arabia’s Traditional Dress Shines at the World Event
Under the patronage of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz...
Amazing Art Sites in Riyadh
Work is well underway in many sites in the city of Riyadh, in preparation for the launch of the "Noor Riyadh" festival that features light artworks...
Volcanic Craters .. Unique Tourist Experience
Dormant volcanoes fields are scattered in the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

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