The Burger Avenue restaurant
This restaurant is a favorite place for visitors who look for various kinds of delicious burgers with international or Arabic flavors.
The Diva restaurant and café
A good restaurant for families and social gatherings, the Diva restaurant services many delicious food and grills, in addition to various salads and soups.
The Prizula restaurant
One of the most beautiful restaurants in town, the Prizula services international food recipes, especially the Italian cuisine and a wide variety of Western sweets dishes.
The Dancheh restaurant
This restaurant is famous for the traditional recipes hailed from the Hejaz area...
The Bakran restaurant
This restaurant is famous for As-Salat recipe with local meat hailed from the Medina area...
The Gref restaurant
This restaurant services traditional Saudi recipes, like the chicken-Mandi...
Al-Fateh restaurant
One of the best places that offers local food. It services pure authentic food hailing from the Hejaz and the Medina areas...
The Dalal restaurant & pastry
This restaurant is one of the oldest and famous traditional restaurants in the Medina city...
We invite you to enjoy our Seafood restaurant's tremendously delicious recipes made from scratch every day...
Sultan's Steakhouse
A Turkish Steakhouse and other Turkish dishes...

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