Traditional markets

Al-Majlis souq
One of the traditional landmarks in Al-Muzneb city in Al-Qassim region, Al-Majlis market, popularly known as souq, is located to the east of the ancient Bahla palace, which dates back to the tenth century AH...
Aj-Janabi souq
This traditional market, popularly known as souq, is one of the most important markets in the Najran region south of Saudi Arabia. The market is located in the Aba Al-Saud area west of the Najran city...
The women's traditional Souq in Ad-Dammam city
In the late seventies and early eighties of the 20th century, the women's traditional marketplace, popularly known as Al-Hareem Souq, was established in...
نايف الضامن
The Qaisariah of Al-Ahsa
The ancient Al-Ahsa marketplace started its activities in the 8th century AH, and witnessed since then various expansions and renovations...
Al-Balad souq
This marketplace which features some convergent markets, is one of the oldest traditional marketplaces, popularly known as souqs, in the historical Jeddah...
Souq Al-Musawkaf
This traditional marketplace, popularly known as Souq, is situated in the city of Unayzah. It has been established recently and designed on a similar style of Al-Musawkaf ancient souq which has been removed in 1394 AH...

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